Hiking/ Fishing/ Swimming 

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Castle Crags State Park

The park has 100 + miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult.
One trail takes you to the top of the Crags - a 4,000’ hike up. See ya' there.


Pine-gri-la Trail
Miles   1
Gain     100’

This short hike is popular after first arriving.
It shows the beauty of Pine-Gri-La; streams, meadows and giant conifers.
Walk past the rock house. Take the short trail to the small road.
Take the first right. At the T, go left to continue, or right to return.

1. Kill Hill
See map from above.
Miles   2
Gain    500’

OK, we named this one too.
An easy hike and the vista is killer!
You'll see Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta, Castle Crags,
and Boulder Peak. It's sister view is #4.

and pictures

2. Swim Hole A.
Miles   1/4
Gain    -1800

Drive 7.5 mi. on 25 to the bridge and park.
Access water from south west side of bridge and walk 100' upstream
to the deepest pools.


3. Swim Hole B.
Miles   1
Gain    -1900


From the above, drive 1 more mile to the large parking area on left.
Find road that washed out and crossover to road.
Follow road about 1/4 mile to access water.
This is the best deep water and secluded swim hole.

4A. Lookout
Miles   1
Gain    500’

This is a spectacular view!  A friend quit hunting when he visited here. You can almost see the ocean past the Trinity Alps, Marble and Salmon Mountains, Redwoods and the Russian Wilderness.
Zero your odometer at our front gate. Go west apx. 1 mile. Turn right on 26 for an apx. total of 4 miles. When 26 turns to the left, go to the right. At apx. 5 miles from our gate, you will find a 4 road intersection. Park and find the jeep trail to the NW, It's about 1 mile to the top.

4B Bolder Peak

Miles     1
Gain     600’

Continue on from the Lookout, on an animal trail to Boulder Peak. 
It’s a shale climb to about 7000’ and
it's the highest points around.
It’s a steep climb but definitely worth it.

5. 7 Lakes Basin
Miles     2-4
Gain     500’


Park at 7.7 miles and hike about 1/2 mile to the saddle.
Hug the mountain side on your right until Mt. Shasta comes into view.
This trip is already worthwhile.
Back to the saddle and down to Lake Helen and the other lakes.






6A. The Pacific Crest Trail
Miles    2 or 25
Gain  500’-3000

Hike the trail to 7 Lakes Basin or to Castle Crags State Park.
This is one of the most spectacular segments of the PCT.

6B Mumbo and Gumboot Lakes
Miles   7.7
Gain      500’

Drive in to these lakes and fish from the shore or float tubes.
You can hike to other more remote lakes in this area too.

7. Tamarack and
Twin Lakes
Miles  2 or 3
Gain    500’

Beautiful meadows and rugged mountain out-cropping make this area spectacular. Fishing is often good and swimming is good in summer.
The beach area is perfect for picnicking any time.

lake1_small.jpg (2203 bytes)

8. Pond Lilly
Miles 0
Gain    -500’

Drive 15 miles (7.5 miles past Swim Hole A) and enjoy swimming or fishing in this small but picturesque lake. Finding it is an adventure.


9. Highland Lake
Miles 1
Gain    -500’


Drive 6.3 miles and park at the gate.
Walk about 3/4 mile to a wide area and head west cross country.
You'll find three ponds so shallow that the fish had to create troths to move about.
Highland is very secluded and pretty.


10. Grey Rocks Lake
Miles 1-2
Gain    -500

After you reach Lake Tamarack (7),
take the trail east and drop (steep) into this gorgeous, secluded, trout full lake.
The trail to it goes all the way to I-5.


11. Grouse Lake
Miles 1/4
Gain    0

This is the most remote nearby lake. It's full of trout that are seldom preyed upon by anglers. Grouse and Quail are nearby, too.


12. Pond-Gri-La
Miles   3 or 4
Gain     500’

We name a lot of places here. This lake is so secluded it doesn't even have a name.
Talk about privacy ...

13. The Ruby Pearl Gold Mine
Miles  2 or 6
Gain   1000’

This is a real gold mine left intact in the early 1930s.
Many artifacts survived.
You’ll be amazed at what they packed in by mule.
Major bear scat area, river, ruby pearl quartz and plenty of wildflowers.

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